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Wholesale Bulk Nuts by the Pound

We carry a large assortment of bulk nuts by the pound sourced from the best nut growers in the world.

Nuts are high in Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated Fats. Monounsaturated fats are believed to improve blood cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated Fats are also believed to improve blood cholesterol, however; this Fat is also known to help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Walnuts in particular, contain a Fatty Acid known as Omega-3 (found in some Polyunsaturated Fats), which is suggested to be extremely beneficial for your heart.

Along with having beneficial fats, nuts also contain many vitamins and minerals. Almonds for instance, contain 35% of ones daily value of Vitamin E in a 1 ounce serving size! When deciding on which products to purchase, please check the provide Nutrition Fact Panel for Nutritional Information. With the facts known, nuts make for a delicious healthy snack that you can take wherever you go! Beside the fact that nuts are healthy, they are also perfect for all types of dishes! Whether it is a delicious smoked salmon topped with Sliced Natural Almonds, or a Pecan Pie covered with our delicious Pecans, eatnuts.com has what you need to make your dish come to life.

But why buy your nuts from us? It's simple; our nuts are sourced from the finest growers in the world, offering our customers the highest quality nuts available. Not all nuts are the same; there are many different varieties, and grades. There is also a right and a wrong way to store them, and like all naturally grown fruits, nuts are harvested once a year. Please read the About Us section to better understand our process!