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Welcome to Eatnuts.com

Eatnuts.com was founded in 2013 for the nut, seed, trail mix, and dried fruit lover. However, we've been in the retail nut business for over 30 years! We couldn't be more excited to service our customers directly via the Internet. We want to create an environment that will not be beat by our competition, which means unsurpassed customer service, a price match guarantee, and stellar product quality. 

Our Sourcing Practices

We have developed outstanding sourcing partners over the past 30 years and it really comes through in our product line. We are able to assemble the best nuts, seeds, and dried fruits from literally all over the world at the right price. For our peace of mind as well as for our customers' we audit our Partner Facilities annually, making sure they are in compliance with our ethics, safety, and quality standards. 

Our Process

Eatnuts.com processes and ships orders out its SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Certified, state-of-the-art facility in Boerne, Texas just north of San Antonio. Our shipments are received on refrigerated trucks and unloaded directly into our fully refrigerated and humidity-controlled facility. The fact that we keep our product temperature controlled is crucial when it comes to nuts. Nuts are extremely sensitive to air temperature and moisture. Poor storage of nuts will lead to poor color, texture, and taste. As for roasted salted and trail mix items, you wont find better consistency anywhere. We take pride in roasting our product in house. We also mix our own trail mixes.

Our Purpose

We sell our products over the Internet to service our customers at the highest level possible. Eatnuts.com wants to educate, guide, and promote use of our products better than anyone else, creating a relationship with each customer that won’t be forgotten. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the nuts, seeds, trail mixes and dried fruits our customers receive. We know nuts!

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in our fine products.